State of Mind – Wellbeing in everything we do 

From 2018 – 2022, 20 Stories High have been funded by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation to explore how, as an arts organisation, we place mental health and wellbeing at the heart of the company and what it means for:

  • the young people we work with
  • the professional artists and practitioners we co-create with
  • the audiences that see our work 
  • the team that makes it all happen. 

On this page you’ll find information, resources and reflections on our process.

These State of Mind philosophies are now fully embedded in our culture, but as always we continue to learn and grow, and are always keen to hear from other organisations about their own journeys and practice.

Please do get in touch with any responses or feedback! 

State of Mind Film

A short film explaining our State of Mind journey, some of the success and some of the challenges with a range of young people, freelance artists, and team members.


Watch the State of Mind Film

State of Mind Symposium

On Thursday 3 November 2022, we hosted an event at the Liverpool Everyman to celebrate and discuss State of Mind as part of the national conversation!

The day consisted of

  • presentations
  • panel discussions
  • workshops

The workshops were led by young people, artist wellbeing practitioners, staff, and the artists who make the work.

State of Mind Chronicles

As part of our dissemination of learning, Anni Raw & Associates have created a series of chronicles – exploring key themes of our learning.

They will be published across 2022 and available to download below.

These Chronicles have been built upon the foundations of Anni’s ‘Storybuilding’ process – observing sessions and reflecting with Associate Maddy Irwin and our Storybuilding Associates, Anita Welsh, Joe Taylor, and Paislie Reid.

All our Chronicles are now available!

Read the Chronicles

State of Mind Resources & Signposting

Throughout our film & chronicles, we reference specific documents or items that we have established and used as part of our journey.

Here you will find the resources to complement these as well as links to partners, signposting and other resources we’ve used or found useful on our journey – we hope you do too!

Resources include

Our Partnership Principles are guided by the partners we work with. This Template outlines principles as a baseline and how these might be tailored and then used as part of contracts and more.

This is a document we use to explore the parameters and details of a project. It’s created through a collaborative process.

This document summarises our context and action plan for our Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Activism to become an integrated, organic part of our work.

Discover our State of Mind Resources & Signposting
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