Self Care

20 Stories High takes our responsibility for looking after our audiences very seriously, and we recognise that sometimes the content contained in our work can be challenging for some people.

We believe it is our duty as responsible artists and creators to ensure that our audiences feel supported and are able to make informed choices about whether to watch our work, We also make sure to distribute appropriate signposting to relevant professional support if necessary. At each of our shows, you will find a member of the 20 Stories High team there as a mental health first aider – they will be at our mental health first aid table with resources connected to wellbeing and the show. Below you can download the content from previous tables.


Buttercup is the story of a young woman strong enough to finally make herself heard.


Read the Buttercup Self Care Guide


A mash up of theatre and music video – interweaving beats, drama, poetry, animation, visuals and original music. We follow the journey of six characters as they navigate their way through the tactile highs and lows of young adulthood.

Read the Touchy Self Care Guides

Touchy + Anthology

A double bill of Live Music, Hip Hop, film, and poetry, from Liverpool’s finest

Read the Touchy + Anthology Self Care Guide
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