January 2013


By Phillip Osment

Sexuality, Love, Death, Religion, Dubstep.

What happens when you’re in a hole?
What happens when that hole’s inside you?
What do you fill it with to make yourself feel whole?

Last year, 3 teenagers emailed 20 Stories High to ask if they could make a play about their friend Holly. This is how it unravelled….

Teenagers: …So that’s our story and we really want to tell it… and we want to play ourselves… cos actors wouldn’t really be as convincing as us…
20 Stories High: It’s a very moving story… but we’ve got loads on at the moment… we’re really sorry…
Teenagers: But we really want to tell this story…it’s important. It says on your website that “Everybody’s got a story to tell… and their own way of telling it…” We thought you’d help us…
20 Stories High: OK …well come back in a year, when we’re less busy, and let’s talk…

One Year Later… This is the play we made with them… WHOLE… with live music and outspoken truths…

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Chantal  Annabel Annan-Jonathan

Dylan  Jacob Beswick

Joseph  Joseph Adelakun

Holly/Nathalie  Grace Willis

Production Team

Production Manager  Samuel Kent

Company Stage Manager  Helen Lainsbury

Technical Stage Manager  Jonathan Sims

Sound Consultant  Sean Pritchard

Set Construction Lobster Productions

Trailer and Digital Marketing  Gavin Wood

Production Photographer  Robert Day

Creative Team

Director  Julia Samuels

Writer Philip Osment

Designer  Anna-Marie Hainsworth

Musical Director/Composer  Keith Saha

Lighting Designer  Douglas Kuhrt

Dramaturg  Lin Coghlan

Associate Artists  Curtis Watt, Martin Stannage, Keisha Thompson

Additional music and lyrics Keith Saha, Keisha Thompson, Bradley Thompson, Curtis Watt, Joseph Adelakun, Annabel Annan-Jonathan, Meshach Spooner, Jacob Beswick, Grace Willis

“This immaculately integrated four-hander… is one of the most hard-hitting and moving pieces of theatre for young audiences I’ve ever seen… a remarkable piece of startlingly good theatre. See it if you possibly can.”

Susan Elkin, The Stage

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