July 2012

Universe & Me

By Keith Saha
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre Production

Dubstep, Digital Artistry, Live Music and Time Travel

After a trip to the planetarium the universe starts to wobble for a group of young people in Liverpool…

Ruby and her gang start to experiment with teleportation…

Jason is feeling so small that he’s starting to become invisible…

and Abdul has to chose between Nigeria and his one true love…

Do the answers lie in that stars?

With a mixture of theatre, dubstep, digital artistry, live music and time travel, 20 Stories High Youth Theatre explore the universal questions that affect us all no matter how big or small.

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Professor Oppenheimer Bradley Thompson

Melanie Dorcas Sebuyange

Scarlett Hannah Singleton

Day Daniel Sebuyange

Kim Ade Ajibade

Eric Sam Ikpeh

Ethan Isaac Jones

Charlie Javea Young

Jason D Scott Lewis

Jason A Owen Jones

Pam Samira Tonkmor

Emma Rio Mousley

Joe Will Jones

Aria Odile Mukete

Michael Kane Roberts

Ruby Lillie Hayes

Jessica Kelsey Bromsgrove

Edmund Craig Allen

David Nsensa Mbolokele

Gladys Catherine Coates

Elizabeth Bobbie Lee Scott

Abdul Toyin Otubsin

Sophie Jordann Doyle

Amy Amber Akaunu


Creative Team

Director Keith Saha

Associate Artist Martin Stannage

Digital Artist Sam Meech

Set Design Katie Scott

Lighting Design Brett Cohen

Sound Design Keith Saha and Paul Williams

Choreographer Rachel Farrell

Dramaturg Julia Samuels

Stage Manager Hannah Blamire

Technical Stage Manager Sam Kent

Operators Snowzie, Jamie Thompson & Ellie Porter

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