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Five short films. Five unique stories. Five reasons to watch.

20 Stories High,

in association with The Unity





commissioned by the Wellcome Collection


A mash up of theatre and music video – interweaving beats, drama, poetry, animation, visuals and original music. We follow the journey of six characters as they navigate their way through the tactile highs and lows of young adulthood.

The Stories

Jemell’s Story – Blends Hip-Hop and storytelling to tell the story of a young Black lad living with undiagnosed autism.

Ella and Ste’s Story investigates consent, with a story that explores the conflicting recollections of an intimate moment from many moons ago.

Jazz’s Story – a tender and uplifting R’n’B love story exploring public displays of affection in a same sex relationship.

Sophie’s Story – explores how a young woman renegotiates her relationship with her Grandad Kojo during lockdown.

Max’s Story – a young trans guy guides us through his discoveries around social touch with a funny and heart-warming animation.

Co-created by 20 Stories High with a multi-talented collection of rappers, singers’ actors, poets, beatmakers, writers, visual artists, animators. Touchy offers a unique exploration in the world of touch.

Where to watch:

Each film will be premiering on our YouTube channel on the following dates:

  • Jemell’s Story: 13th May 2021
  • Ella & Ste’s Story: 20th May 2021
  • Jazz’s Story: 27th May 2021
  • Sophie’s Story: 3rd June 2021
  • Max’s Story: 10th June 2021

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Content Warning:

Contains strong language and explores the themes of consent, bereavement, racism, family, gender identity and sexuality.

Suitable for ages 13 plus


Photos by Wesley Storey (Please note that these photos were taken in 2019 before any of the Covid-19 social distancing restrictions were introduced)

Images and Video

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  • Jemell’s Story: Malik Lidgett
  • Ella & Ste’s Story: Izzy Campbell & Pari Richards
  • Jazz’s Story: Faye Donna Francis
  • Sophie’s Story: Anita Welsh
  • Max’s Story: James Cast

Creative Team:

  • Writer & Co-Director (Ella & Ste): Julia Samuels
  • Writer/Co-Writer & Director (Sophie, Max, Jemell & Jazz): Keith Saha
  • Co-Director (Ella & Ste): Amy Golding
  • Filmmaker & Music Producer: Kofi Owusu from GoPlay Studios
  • Designer: Miriam Nabarro
  • Lighting Designer: Joe Hornsby
  • Sound Designer & Engineer: Jon Everett
  • Associate Artists: Amber Akaunu, Emily McChrystal & Kay Dale (Comics Youth)
  • Producer: Leanne Jones
  • Assistant Producers: Lucy Graham and Natasha Patel
  • Production Manager: Fiona Hilton
  • Artwork: Joe Harper

“The making of Touchy has been a unique experience. We have been on a journey of translating a piece of gig theatre to the world of short film. The artists and whole creative team have been amazing in being so adaptive, making these on Zoom at home.”

Keith Saha (writer & director)