December 2012

Tales from the MP3 (2012)

By Julia Samuels
A 20 Stories High Young Actors Company Production

A mission to find out the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth… about each other.

When tensions within the company ran high, they decided to interview each other to find out the stories that made each member who they are today.

Armed with MP3 players they have created a gritty, honest, funny and transformative piece of verbatim theatre.

Playing each other and recounting the stories direct from MP3s live onstage, 20 Stories High Young Actors Company present a totally unique and mesmerizing style of verbatim theatre.

With live music, poetry and beat-boxing, 20 Stories High presents young people telling real tales from their MP3 players. With unflinching honesty, they discuss religion, sex, race friendship and family, revealing challenging and insightful perspectives.

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Ade Ajibade Scott Lewis

Annie Mukete  Owen Lee Jones

Bradley Thompson  Annie Mukete

Nsensa Mbolokele  Anita Welsh & Ade Ajibade

Odile Mukete  Nsensa Mbolokele

Owen Lee Jones  Brodie Arthur & Toyin Otubsin

Sam Ikpeh Youth Theatre Member & Odile Mukete

Scott Lewis  Bradley Thompson

Toyin Otubsin Sam Ikpeh

Creative Team

Director/Editor Julia Samuels

Associate Artists Elinor Randle (Movement), Keith Saha (Music), Domonic Halladay (Design), Philip Osment (Verbatim Theatre)

Lighting Designer – Shayan Hamzeh

Participation Assistant – Nathaniel Hall

Stage Manager Yvette Sedgely

Editing Assistants Nathaniel Hall, Toyin Otubsin , Youth Theatre Member


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