August 2014

Tales from the MP3 (2014)

By Julia Samuels

Real People, Real Stories

20 Stories High bring real teenagers onto the stage to tell real tales straight from their MP3 players…as they hear the words in their headphones, the performers deliver line for line to the audience what they are hearing – live.

No stone is left unturned… with unflinching honesty they discuss, religion, sex, race, friendship and family. Boys and girls play each other and cultural identity is swapped, revealing challenging and insightful perspectives

With live music, poetry and beatboxing, Tales from the MP3 is a completely unique, new play from one of the UK’s top theatre companies for young audiences

20 Stories High are two-times winners of the Brian Way Award (for the UK’s best new play for young people) 2010 & 2011, and winner of the Writers Guild of Great Britain award for best play for young people 2013.

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Ade Ajibade plays Scott Lewis & Anita Welsh

Annie Mukete plays Toyin Otubsin & Owen Jones

Bradley Thompson plays Annie Mukete

Odile Mukete plays Nsensa Mbolokele

Owen Jones plays Brodie Arthur

Sam Ikpeh plays Bradley Thompson

Toyin Otubsin plays Sam Ikpeh & Ade Ajibade

Production Team

Participation and Touring Team Manager Leanne Jones

Technical Touring Manager Paul Williams

Deputy Stage Manager Yvette Sedgley

Touring Team Assistant Nathaniel Hall

On-stage Lighting Operation Owen Jones

Production Manager & Set Build Sam Kent


Creative Team

Director/Editor Julia Samuels

Designer Miriam Nabarro

Musical Director Keith Saha

Lighting Design Doug Khurt

Assistant Producer Anita Welsh

Editing Assistants Anita Welsh, Nathaniel Hall, Toyin Otubsin, Lateefah Waiwright-Owoo

Original music by Bradley Thompson, Keith Saha and the cast.

“Tales from the MP3 is very fine youth theatre with Liverpool teenagers telling it as it is in this 20 Stories High production.”

Lyn Gardiner, The Guardian

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