July 2014


By Rachel Brogan and Bradley Thompson
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre Production

Deep in the heart of the forest, thirty young pioneers courageously set out to live by their ideals

30 Students, 1 Forest,


No Teachers

No Tech


Live by our rules…

They have 3 days to create a new society and need to choose 10 moral codes to live by.

But what begins merely as a college exercise ultimately takes them to their emotional limits and changes their lives… forever.

20 Stories High Youth Theatre work with award-winning guest director Rachel Brogan (currently Director of the Television Workshop, Salford ‘Working Girls Theatre Co’) and Bradley Thompson, an emerging young director and actor who has been part of 20 Stories High Youth Theatre for the past seven years.

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Abby Abby Melia

Andrea Andrea Heffernan

Adam Adam White

Adam Adam Leyland

Dee Dee Alex Hayes-Wishhart

Amber Amber Akaunu

Ian Callum Heely

Craig Craig Allan

Dorcas Dorcas Sebuyange

Eden Eden Beluka

Jasmine Jasmine Small

Josh Josh Whitmore

Otis Josiah Tarbuck

Kane Kane Roberts

Kelsey Kelsey Bromsgrove

Raquel Raquel Mendes

Emily Rebecca McGrory

Riaid Riaid Saif

Ryan Ryan Tomes

Samira Samira Tonkmor

Sharndel Sharndel Wright

Shauna Shauna Hogan

Will William Jones

Zainab Zainab Lawal

Darian Darian Gledhill

Emma Emma Burns


Creative Team

Devised by the cast, with Rachel Brogan and Bradley Thompson

Director Rachel Brogan

Assistant Director Bradley Thompson

Set Design Laura Lomax


Lighting Design Sam Hemingway

Musical Director Bradley Thompson


Production Team

Set Maker & Artist Francesca Meath

Set Build Sam Kent

Sound Operator Cathal Elliott

Production Manager Sarah Meath

Stage Manager Holly Mazur

Project Manager Leanne Jones

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