July 2015


By Keith Saha and Julia Samuels
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre and Young Actors Company Production

A Double-Bill presented at Unity Theatre


“You are full of promise…full of potential!”

A head teacher offers his school leavers the promise of success… But what happens when life and its challenges get in the way? And what happens if the education they get at school doesn’t quite make the grade in the real world?

20 Stories High Youth Theatre present a collection of short stories, poetry and spoken word about young people learning the hard way that promises made don’t always equal promises kept.


“We are not animals… this is not a zoo.”

The inhabitants of the Willowbank estate are ‘animals’… At least that’s what MP Sylvia Baines thinks.

But when the media spotlight is thrust on the ‘feral creatures’ of Liverpool’s suburbs, it soon becomes clear that we’re all driven by our animal instincts… 

20 Stories High Young Actors Company present a gig-style show with live music, spoken word, beat boxing and storytelling about young people who have turned to illegal means in order to survive.

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Creative Team

PromisesCreated and Directed by Julia Samuels with Adam Robson, Raven Maguire and the Company

Animals Written and Directed by Keith Saha and the Company

Movement Direction  Rachael Farrell

Musical Direction Keith Saha

Assistant Musical Direction  Nathaniel Hall


Production Team

Production Manager  Ange John

Assistant Stage Manager (Promises Siofra McKeon-Carter

Assistant Stage Manager (Animals Liz Barker

Production Design  Stephanie O’Hara and Heledd Rees

Lighting Design  Jack Coleman

Mask Design  Steve Wintercroft

Rehearsal Technician  Cathal Elliott

Unity Lead Technician  Phil Saunders

“Promises was a poignant reminder that out of the sections of society that have had perhaps the roughest time in recent years, demonised by the press, told that their efforts are worthless and not valued by society is that of the country’s young.”

Unity Theatre Review, Liverpool.


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