July 2021

Nu: Me

Welcome to the NU:ME

Over the past year, 20 Stories High Youth Theatre have kept creativity alive. In loads of different ways in loads of different spaces. A lot of time on Zoom, a few precious moments inside a rehearsal room, and more recently a decent amount of time in the lovely Toxteth TV Garden.

We’ve been playing games, singing songs, writing poetry, improvising, recording documentary verbatim theatre, creating characters through artwork and playwriting.

Over the past 2 months we have written monologues under the banner of the NU:ME. 

A range of characters that have all undergone a positive change and discovered something new about themselves after experiencing some sort of challenge.

Some of these stories are based on real experiences, others are fictional or semi-fictional, but all of them come from a real place.

We know the world is a challenging place at the moment, and we haven’t always been able to be at every rehearsal, and as you will see the kind of theatre we are making has been adapted. 

But being in a creative space is something that has kept us all going and something that gives us hope for the future. So tonight, we want to share some of that hope with you.


  1. Cat-Syl written and performed by Kim Teare. Music by Tia Hume-Jennings and Kim Teare
  2. The Princess Doctor – written and performed by Rosie Evans
  3. Bee Story – written and performed by Sina Osekita
  4. Games – written and performed by Leon Varns
  5. Faces, Body and Mind – written and performed by Freya Goss
  6. My Future – written and performed by Maisie Grace Davis
  7. Wish Upon the Stars – written and performed by Famia Umama
  8. The Bounty Hunter – written and performed by Seyi Osekita. Music by Sina Osekita and Seyi Osekita
  9. The Present – written and performed by Fatima Sajal
  10. My New Beginning – written and performed by Melani Aslam Rualy.
  11. Envy and “The Girl” – written and performed by Tia Hume-Jennings. Music by Tia Hume-Jennings

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Melani Aslam Rualy
Tia Hume-Jennings
Freya Goss
Seyi Osekita
Sina Osekita
Famia Umama
Fatima Sajal
Grace Davis
Kim Teare
Leon Varns
Rosie Evans

Creative Team

Directed by Keith Saha
Produced by Lucy Graham

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