September 2013

Melody Loses Her Mojo

By Keith Saha
A 20 Stories High, Everyman & Playhouse and Curve Co-Production - NATIONAL TOUR

A Unique Blend of Hip Hop and Puppetry

Melody is in the care system and has been separated from her little sister Harmony – she’s got to keep hold of her toy monster Mojo to keep her on the straight and narrow. But when new girl Blessing arrives from Nigeria and tries to steal her best mate Rizla, Melody’s demons begin to take over her Mojo, with devastating consequences…

This unique piece of Hip Hop Theatre, fusing spoken word, music, dance, puppetry and street art brings together a remarkable artistic team including Sue Buckmaster (Theatre-Rites), Kwesi Johnson (Kompany Malakhi), club artist Mark Wigan (I.D magazine / The Brain Club) and Hobbit (International Beat-boxing Champion) alongside 20 Stories High’s Keith Saha writer/director of the award winning GHOST BOY.

Suitable for ages 13+

I gotta keep hold of my Mojo
He keeps me bouncing up and down like a Yoyo
When I’m on a low low
He makes me ho ho
Gets me Flying out of black holes –
Like Chewbacca and Han Solo

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Melody Remmie Milner

Rizla  Darren Kuppan

Blessing Simone James

Puppeteer/Wet Jeff Samuel Dutton

Puppeteer/Jackie  Zoë Hunter

Musician/Beatboxer  Hobbit

Musician/Cellist  Hannah Marshall

Production Team

Production Manager  Emma Wright

Company Stage Manager  Sarah-Jane Davis

Technical Stage Manager  Gareth Moss

Assistant Stage Manager  Ezequiel Serrano-Perez

Costume Supervisor  Jacquie Davis

Set Construction  Sam Kent for Lobster Productions

Puppet maker (Mojo)  Naomi Oppenheim

Puppet maker (Harmony)  Alison Duddle

Trailer  Gavin Wood

Creative Team

Writer and Director Keith Saha

Designer Kate Unwin

Visual Artist  Mark Wigan

Puppetry Consultant  Sue Buckmaster

Associate Director  Julia Samuels

Choreographer  Kwesi Johnson

Musical Director  Tayo Akinbode

Lighting Designer  Douglas Kuhrt

Sound Designer  Dan Steele

Dramaturg  Philip Osment

Associate Artists  Matthew Xia, Curtis Watt, Keely Mills, Stuart Payn, George Barrett, Rachel Farrell and Kieran Steels

“It's not easy to suggest that the toughest teenager may conceal the most vulnerable child, but this play has it in the bag.”

Alfred Hickling, The Guardian

“20 Stories High consistently produce imaginative and innovative theatre that is of the highest quality”

Victoria Rope, Programmer, Everyman & Playhouse Theatres

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