October 2016

HEADZ (2016)

By Keith Saha
A 20 Stories High Young Actors Company Production - NATIONAL TOUR

A Collection of Contemporary Urban Stories

Inside every HEAD lies a secret, a story waiting to unravel…

Award-winning theatre company 20 Stories high offers insight into the lives of Liverpool’s young people with HEADZ: a series of gritty, challenging and humorous contemporary urban monologues that doesn’t pull any punches.


Nikki doesn’t think that her Dad is a racist, he just cares deeply about his community… But when an African family move in over the road, the dog won’t stop barking,  the kids outside start throwing stones, and her Dad starts laying down the law.


One Saturday morning Emma and her little brother Jimmy get called into the living room for a talk with Mum and Dad.  But something doesn’t feel right, Dad looks shifty and Mum is zoned out…then the bombshell drops. Mum and Dad are splitting up, Jimmy can’t contain his flow of tears, and Joanne kicks off – big time! How can home ever feel the same again?


It’s the Summer holidays and “Soft Jonny” starts hooking up with Joanne an older girl from two streets away. But after weeks of sneaking in and out of her bedroom he begins to realise that he wants to be more than just her booty call. Until one day she gives him some news that will change his life forever.

Originally performed in July 2014, HEADZ toured locally and nationally to venues in October 2016, thanks to Arts Council England’s Strategic Touring Fund.

Images and Video

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Performing BLACK

Nikki Abby Melia

Jeremiah Daniel Sebuyange (Blue Saint)


Performing HOME

Emma Brodie Arthur

Understudy Javea Young


Perfoming SOFT

Jonny Owen Jones


Production Team

Writer Keith Saha

Director Julia Samuels & Keith Saha

Company Manager Nathaniel Hall


Liam Porter, Urbanista

“...an almost perfect balance of intense, heart rending moments and well timed wit… HEADZ is a thought provoking night with a difference and one that stays with you”

Leanne Tole, What's On Stage

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