July 2013


By Tim Lynskey
A 20 Stories High Young Actors Company Production

In this airport, the only thing flying will be sparks!

All flights from this terminal are GROUNDED. People are bored, anxious and very very angry.

Can Lucy overcome her fear of flying, in order to follow in her sister’s footsteps?

Will diamond in the rough Johnno find his mysterious, missing bag, before someone else does?

Will Kojo Adebambo 123 meet his one true internet love Anastasia, without the use of a passport?

20 Stories High Young Actors work in collaboration with Tim Lynskey (Big Wow Theatre Co.) 

to create a devised physical theatre performance, featuring comedy, live music  and, beat boxing .

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Gavin/ Trevor/ Danny Scott Lewis

Captain Rico Suave/ Charles Toyin Otubsin

Jonno/ Norman Bradley Thompson

Margaret/ Joanne Abby Melia

Jasmine Raven Maguire

Lucy Sarah Alexander

Sam/ Annie Javea Young

Kojo Adebambo 123/ Dave Sam Ikpeh

Greg/ Axelrod Owen Jones

Max Debo Nsensa Mbolokele

Creative Team

Director Tim Lynskey

Musical Director Keith Saha

Stage Manager Yvette Sedgley

Sound Technician Mhairi Howison

Lighting Technician Cathal Elliot

Technical Assistant Jamie Thompson

Project Manager Leanne Jones

Project Assistant Nathaniel Hall

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