March 2010

Ghost boy

By Keith Saha
A 20 Stories High, Contact and Birmingham Rep Co-Production - NATIONAL TOUR

An Anarchic, energetic and challenging piece of Hip Hop theatre

Jamal is a boy who holds a deep, dark secret… forever being chased by his beast-like demons, he just wants to be left alone…

Dennis is a community elder who is fed up of the “hoodies” running around on the estate, he is a one-man-army on a mission to clean it up…

When the two meet, they both realise there is more to each other than meets the eye…

But will the secret of GHOST BOY be revealed?

Fusing a heady blend of Hip-Hop Theatre, mask and puppetry – with human beat-box and cello providing a live musical soundtrack – GHOST BOY is an anarchic, energetic and challenging piece of theatre.

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Jamal Tachia Newall

Dennis Everal A. Walsh

Michael Courtney Hayles

Beatboxer Hobbit

Cello Hannah Marshal


Creative Team

Writer/Director Keith Saha

Designers Jo Pocock and Sofiski

Lighting Design Mark Distin and Paul Colley

Sound Design Simon Moloney

Dramaturgy Philip Osment

Associate Artist Julia Samuels


Production Team

Production Advisor Graham Lister

Stage Manager Richard Walker

Assistant Stage Manager  Dean Biddell

Set Build Lobster Productions

Production Photographer Robert Day

Trailer Richard Ramchurn


Ghost Boy was a co-production with Contact Theatre and Birmingham Rep Theatre.


“Rarely is a play so fresh seen on the Liverpool Stage. An absolute triumph. 10/10.”

March Waddington; Liverpool Echo


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