July 2008

Dark Star Rising

By Keith Saha and Julia Samuels
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre Production

Our very first Youth Theatre Show!

Dark Star Rising was 20 Stories High’s first youth theatre show in collaboration with Liverpool Hip-Hop organisation Urbeatz and Young Kof. Working with 26 young people mainly from Kensington, Toxteth, Picton and surrounds areas. Dark Star Rising was a Hip-Hop musical which explored what it was like to be a young person in Liverpool.

Tackling issues such as gun and knife crime with compassion, in a non-sensationalised way. The group gave an outstanding energy, honesty and commitment to the six-month rehearsal period and succeeding performances.

Dark Star Rising was chosen as one of the 12 National pilot projects for the Arts Council England’s Young Peoples Participatory Theatre Project.

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Marcus  Sam Ikpeh

Panther/dancer  Adam Martin

Cole (Marcus’s best friend)  Kofi Owusu

Jay (Marcus’s brother)  Adam Robson

Lacey (Marcus’ sister) Youth Theatre Member

Stah (Marcus’ sister)  Paisleigh Bi

Leah (Marcus’ girlfriend) Ellis Wilson

Brianna  Brodie Arthur

Coley Ray  Jessica McDonald

Shenaya Talitha McConville

Kirsty  Stevi

Bizzy  Javea Young

Faye  Steph Fletcher-Goudie

Laila  Annie Mukete

Larssia  Odile Mukete

Tom  Ben Caulfield

 Alex Shaw

Faith  Anita Welsh

Belinda  (Faith’s mum)  Tosin Akindele

Callum (Faith’s brother)  Keith Rice

Shell McGee  Adi Alfa

Naomi (Shell’s daughter)  Imani Thompson

Melody  Becky Langton

Bill (Melody’s brother)  Mark Taylor

Lee (Melody’s brother)  Owen Jones

Creative Team

Directors  Julia Samuels and Keith Saha

Designer  Chris Murray

Musical Directors  Keith Saha and Kofi Owusu

Lighting Designer  Hannah Whitfield

Additional Lyrics  Young Kof, MC Sly, Future and the company

Production Team

Stage Manager  Maria Baker

Youth Theatre Co-ordinator  Anisa Saleh

Evaluation Co-ordinator  Tessa Buddle

Admin & Finance Manager  Nicki Green

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