July 2013


By Elinor Randle (Tmesis Theatre) and Sam Ikpeh
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre Production

One Car. Five Friends. One Major Incident.

One car.

Five friends.

No escape…

Marcus wont wake up, Melissa is gone and people are looking for someone to blame.

Switching between a dream world and a harsh reality, CRASHED is a story of friendship, blame and the power of our imagination.

Elinor Randle (Tmesis) works with 20 Stories High Youth Theatre for the first time, combining her unique physical theatre vision with the distinctive Hip-Hop theatre style of 20 Stories High.

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Marcus Craig Allen

Tony Tom Hilton

Melissa/ Zombie Javea Young

Lucy Jasmine Small

Nick Isaac Jones

Summer/ Paramedic Andrea Heffernan

Naeve Sharndel Young

Cookie Samira Tonkmor

Cupcake/ Wolf Jordann Doyle

Gossiping Neighbour/ Teacher Dorcas Sebuyange

The Doctor/ Old Man Dylan Meaghan

Old Man/ Gatekeeper Callum Llewelyn

Gossiping Neighbour/ Police Woman Shauna Hogan

Gossiping Neighbour/ Chicken Kevin Mukanda

Police Man/ Beatboxer/ Doctor Owen Jones

Mad Hatter’s Assistant/ Vicar Becky McGrory

Mad Hatter/ Hippo/ Paramedic Will Jones

Oswald/ Gatekeeper Kane Roberts

Nightmare Bride/ Boyfriend Scott Lewis

Creative Team

Director Elinor Randle (Tmesis Theatre)

Emerging Artist Sam Ikpeh

Creative Support Nathaniel Hall

Associate Artist Julia Samuels

Lighting Design/ Technician Lucy Stepan

Stage Manager Lucy Graham

Sound Technician Steven Jones

Project Management Leanne Jones & Nathaniel Hall

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