October 2011

Bulldozer Urban Cabaret

By Keith Saha
A 20 Stories High Youth Theatre Production

Behind every door there lies a story…

It’s 2011 and a Liverpool Street has been threatened with demolition. How do the locals react? They have enough on their plates already without this life changing news!

Behind every door there lies a story…

Kelly has to choose between her best friend, geeky John, or raster boyfriend Nizzle Pizzle.

Little Jimmy has stopped talking to his Mum since Dad packed his bags…

And Josh finally reveals a secret, he’s been dying to come out with…

Local activist Colin is determined to fight to save the street, and stages a cabaret to raise awareness about the cause… but as tensions build and tempers flare, not everything goes to plan!

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Kelly Sian Begley

Mayah Ade Ajibade

Naomi Annie Mukete

Colin Bradley Thompson

Australian Cousin Catherine Coates

Jono Craig Aziz

Beno Dylan Meaghan

Community Police Office Owen Jones

Carly Hannah Singleton

John Nsensa Mbolokele

Mary Jessica Landim

Josh Keith Rice

Reggie Kevin Mhumgada

Jess Odile Mukete

Nizzle Pizzle Sam Ikpeh

Lucy Terri-Lea Arthur

Derek/Harvey Toyin Otubsin

Jimmy Isaac Jones

Sasha Lillian Nyathi

Nicky Amber Akaunu

Tulia Jordann Doyle

Charley Anita Welsh

Boys Scott Lewis & Ellis Cuddy

Creative Team

Writer Keith Saha and the 20 Stories High Youth Theatre

Director Keith Saha

Set Design Nina Patel-Grainger & Sam Kent

Prop Makers William Gaskell & Jan Chew

Videography Gavin Wood

Publicity and Art Work Andrew Tunney

Photographer Barry Han


Production Team

Stage Manager Sarah Meath

Assistant Stage Managers West Cheshire College students

Lighting & Sound Operators West Cheshire College students

“The most outstanding thing about the production was the huge amount of the team spirit that had been established. The energy and enthusiasm was palpable. And each young person not only had a chance to shine, but did shine!”

Emma Smith, Education Manager - Everyman & Playhouse

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