July 2023

Are you out there, World?

By 20 Stories High Youth Theatre. Directed by Ameera Conrad

Are you out there, World?

A new play for and by Young People

Written by Sam O’Rourke with 20 Stories High Youth Theatre & Unity Theatre

Directed by Ameera Conrad


“You have a choice. 

I’ve made mine.





The oceans are rising, things keep getting worse but the people in charge seem to be getting in the way instead of solving anything. 

Frankly, we are sick of it. 

We’ve crunched the numbers, we’ve written the beats & we’ve made the placards. Now we’ve got the answer. To it all, actually: to life, to saving the planet, and to living in peace. (And it’s not 42.)

All we need to do now is convince the “grown ups” to trust us. With bangin’ tunes, good vibes & our own political party, we’re ready. 

Are you gonna join us?!


Expect buzzing energy, live music, and real talk with a sprinkling of anti-establishment, pro-environment anarchy. 

Suitable for ages 13+


Are You Out There World? is the new show from the 20 Stories High Youth Theatre, where we work alongside amazing culturally diverse, working-class young people to make exceptional, relevant theatre that changes lives and society. To find out how you can support our work, click here.


Content Warning

This show contains loud music, strong language, anarchist plots, references to mental health, the climate crisis, discussions of race, gender, and sexuality, radical hope, radical tunes, radical fits… gosh, what doesn’t it contain?

1 performance will be BSL interpreted, date to be confirmed.

All shows are captioned.

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Show dates: 20th, 21st & 22nd July, 7:30pm 

Supported by Arts Council England, Liverpool City Council, The Coutts Foundation and Paul Hamlyn Foundation.

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20 Stories High Youth Theatre


20 Stories High team

Producer – Natasha Patel

Youth Worker – Donna Coleman

Pastoral Support Workers – Joe Taylor, Jay Cast, Declan Baxter

Creative Team

Writer – Samantha O’Rourke

Director – Ameera Conrad

Assistant Director – Amber Buttery

Video Designer – Laura Lomax

Music and Songwriting Support – Paislie Reid

Composer & Beatmaker – Mal Lidgett

Musical Director – Rob Green

Stage Manager – Jasmine Hurley

Technicians – Xenia Bayer & Beccy Hillam

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