Thank you and goodbye, Rich Bond!

The whole 20 Stories High team wants to say the biggest thank you to our Rich Bond, who is moving on to continue pursuing his music career! 


No-one expected that, when Rich joined in February 2020 as Marketing Associate for our touring show The Spine (link), our work would change quite so much… least of all Rich! 


His role might have changed over that time, but what has definitely stayed the same has been his impact on us and how much appreciation we have for this brilliant man.


We will all miss his kindness, his support, his skill, and overall bossness. And, of course we’ll miss his signature ‘thank you’ gesture, palms together by his chin.


Thank you, Rich, for being undeniably you and for always looking out for people.


Whether it’s your unwavering signature tenacity, determination, warmth, and patience no matter what, or your consistent interest in everything, we are grateful to have had you in our team.


So, Rich, thank you for the last two and a half years. 

We are sad to see you go but cannot wait to hear what’s next for you!


from, the 20 Stories High Team