Chapters of a Teen – our new Youth Theatre show!

We are pleased to announce our new Youth Theatre show for 2022, Chapters of a Teen, which is showing at Unity Theatre between 21st-23rd July!

It’s a boss mashup of rap, song, poetry, and verbatim documentary theatre, exploring the many Chapters of a Teen that are universal – sexuality, identity, family pressures and of course the bittersweet experience of first love and heart break. Our Youth Theatre have been working with director (and ex-youth theatre member!) Abby Melia (Kitchen Sink Live) to create something really special, and we can’t wait to see what they have in store.


Abby Melia: “This will be the first time that the young people in the 20 Stories High Youth Theatre are back performing on a stage in a professional venue since the pandemic, and I don’t think you can under-estimate how significant this will be for them. We’ve been working hard together to create something really amazing and truly authentic, and I just know that it will be truly magical on the night. It feels dead special to be working with such an amazing group of young people, as they are sharing such honest and relatable stories that I’m sure other young people connect with.”


Fred, Youth Theatre Member: “This will be one of those shows which really relates to us youngsters, you’ll see it all. Happiness, vibes, violence, trauma, all sorts of emotions teens experience in one show”.

Directed by Abby Melia (Kitchen Sink Live) with Bradley Thompson. Supported by Felix Mufti, Paislie Reid, Nickie Miles-Wildin and Nathan Powell.

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Branding by Joe Harper Artwork