Big Up at Home!

In response to the cancellation of the Big Up! national tour due to the Covid-19 outbreak, Theatre-Rites and 20 Stories High are pleased to announce the launch of
Big Up at Home!

A programme designed to bring the fun and excitement of Big Up! right into your home. We have collaborated with our Big Up! team to create a series of short videos featuring clips from the original show along with Big Up! themed activities for all the family. So round up your gang of little’uns and get ready for….


We’ve got a whole playlist of videos on activities to do with your little’uns. Think crafts, beat-boxing, puppetry and more!


Big Up At Home is perfect for little people who want to be Big and Big people who might just have forgotten how to play. We’ll be adding content weekly so don’t forget to check in for more beatboxing, puppetry and music that you can create at home.


And we want to hear from YOU. Send your photos and videos in to our co-producer Theatre-Rites’ twitter/facebook/instagram @TheatreRites or info@theatre-rites.co.uk