Shutting Down the Year!

Following the success of our 2019 Summer Youth Theatre show in partnership with Kitchen Sink Live  – Instagram , The Shutdown, we are made up to present to you… The Shutdown Album.

This album is a collection of original songs proudly created by the young people of 20SH Youth Theatre. They wrote the lyrics, co-created the music with Kof (Go Play Studios) to perfect their own tracks. Featured artists include:

Digitz (Fred Lima) – Soundcloud / Instagram 
DAYZY (David Sebuyange) – Soundcloud / Instagram
Tia Hume-Jennings
Rosie Evans
Freya Goss
Abel Iordan
Reece Orford
Leon Varns
Georgina Garrod
Famia Umama

The album contains a bonus track from G Force Jnr (Hannah Reilly) – who was unfortunately not well during our production week, so couldn’t make it to the stage!

To listen to the debut of G Force Jnr’s Mental Health Rap, and all our other boss tracks, go to our: Soundcloud / Bandcamp