At the moment as theatres are mostly closed
we are focusing all our energies on staying creative
whilst making lots of space for wellbeing, reflection and activism.
 We’ve been making short films, audio-stories and even a live show. 
Over the coming months we’re dedicating our homepage 
to share a little bit of what we have been up to!

 From us to you with… Love
Touchy #5: Max's Story - Performed by James Cast. Written by Keith Saha and James Cast.
Black, Scouse & Proud - by 20 Stories High Youth Theatre.
Directed by Nathan Powell in collaboration with Kofi Owusu
Knocking On - Doorstep Theatre in L8
Film by Graeme Lycett and Gavin Wood
An audio play by Luke Barnes 
and 20 Stories High Youth Theatre
By 20 Stories High Youth Theatre with Nathaniel Hall and Donna Ray Coleman

Black with a Capital B

Over the following months we will share with you 7 exclusive new works by a fantastic array of Black Liverpool artists.


Using a variety of art-forms such as music, poetry, visual art and film making and using a range of DIY tools such as smart phones, home studios, and ancestry kits. Each artist has a unique voice with a powerful story to tell.

The world is rapidly evolving, and we live in hope for radical reform.

Change is coming…

AGUDAS by Amber Akaunu
BLM by Tia Hume-Jennings
All day every day when you are brown it never goes away by Brodie Arthur
Everybody has a story to tell...
And their own way of telling it...

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At 20 Stories High we are passionate about making theatre with working class and culturally diverse young people, emerging artists & world-class professionals. Find out more about what we do, who we work with and where we work…

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