Chapters of a Teen

Chapters of a Teen is the brand-new show from the 20SH Youth Theatre, their first in a theatre since lockdown, and they are made up to be back at the Unity Theatre!

Using rap, song, poetry, and verbatim documentary theatre – This funny, honest, and raw show explores the many Chapters of a Teen that are universal – sexuality, identity, family pressures and of course the bittersweet experience of first love and heart break.

Directed by Abby Melia (Kitchen Sink Live) supported by Felix Mufti, Bradley Thompson, Paislie Reid, Nickie Miles-Wildin and Nathan Powell.

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20 Stories High, GoPlay Studio and Unity Theatre present 


A unique evening of hip-hop, live music, poetry and film.

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A mash up of theatre and music video – interweaving beats, drama, poetry, animation, visuals and original music. We follow the journey of six characters as they navigate their way through the tactile highs and lows of young adulthood.

Winner of the OnComm Award 2022

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Fortune is live-streaming her truth. Weaving words of survival and solidarity: from a little girl in a bedroom in Kinshasa to a bold young poet in Liverpool. This is her story.

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