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BLACK (2018)

By Keith Saha

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A hard hitting show about racial tensions in the U.K. today

Nikki doesn’t think that her Dad is a racist, he just cares deeply about his community.
But when a Zimbabwean family move in over the road, the dog won’t stop barking, the local kids start lobbing stones and her Dad starts laying down the law.
This provocative and engaging show from 20 Stories High digs deep at the heart of racial tensions in the UK today.
Written by award-winning writer Keith Saha.

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“Saha's play is sharp, funny and honest. He provides no easy solutions yet does allow a glint of hope as to the future. *****”

Paul Foley, Morning Star

“Saha shows the darkness that's in us all... but couples this with a possible light, that if one person can change, then so can all. ”

Liverpool Sound and Vision

National Tour - Homegrown Festival - Battersea Arts Centre

Tues 3 - Sat 7 April 2018

7pm (2:30pm Matinee on Sat)

Local Tour - Liverpool Community Tour

Mon 9 - Fri 12 April 2018

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