Latest 20SH tunes now on Bandcamp

20 Stories High Youth Theatre and Young Actors Company have been in the studio with Spokazi (@KofMusic) once more, recording original songs from past shows under the musical direction of Bradley Thompson and Nathaniel Hall.

We have three fantastic songs from In Time, which was last summer’s Youth Theatre show. The play explored how time changes and shapes us, and how it can sometimes feel desperate when time is running out. The cast were supported by Bradley Thompson.



Vocals: Amber Richards, Ezra Hayden-Watts, Alex Watson, Shaundel Wright and Bradley Thompson.

Guitar: Bradley Thompson.


Song for a Little Brother

Vocals and Banjo: Mina.


Beating Me Up

Vocals: Fred Lima.

Backing Track: Bradley Thompson.



The next track comes from African Beach Party, a pop up piece of theatre made as a curtain raiser in response Anders Lustgarten’s play Lampedusa at the Unity theatre in Liverpool. The song explores a mother who is refugee on a boat singing to her baby and it’s creation was supported by Musical Director, Keith Saha.


African Lullaby

Vocals: Dorcas Sebuyange and Bradley Thompson.

Guitar: Bradley Thompson.


You can find the tracks here on our Bandcamp page, which can be downloaded for free or, if you’re able to, you can make a donation. As a charity, all proceeds will go straight back into making our participatory events free for young people all over Liverpool.